About Hesamniroo

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Our history

Hesam Niroo Toos Co. has been operating as a design and engineering company in the field of recreational equipment since 1997. Initially relying on its capabilities and properties, it started outsourcing the production of small and medium-sized rides. Afterwards, with the scientific and technical support and experience gained, heavy and semi-heavy machines have been added to the company's products.

In the eighth year of our activity, we changed the format of our activities from a design and engineering company to a constructing factory and started the process of manufacturing and production.

Due to the available potential and speciality of the work, we have also entered the industry and provided our specialized services to the industrial complexes. We are specialized on heavy and precise steel structures and transferring machinery (vertical, rail, conveyors etc.).
At present time, the company manufactures more than 20 types of recreational equipment, with one or two new ones being added each year. These products have been installed and operated throughout Iran and neighbouring countries.
بهنام عباس نژاد